The Rising Risk Of Central Bank Instability: 

While the ECB and the Fed have adopted a stimulative stance, this article talks about why the forward looking guidance as a policy technique may not be as secure and smooth as market pricing suggests. Read more.

The Problem With Xi Jinping’s Davos Pitch: Although Xi Jinping’s speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos was a jab to the growing sense of protectionism across the globe, there are several pain points that China needs to address before truly becoming a free trade advocate – state subsidies, oversupply, bad loans, capital controls, protectionism and political challenges. Read more.

In Defence Of Globalization: Jim O’Neill – honorary professor of economics at Manchester University and former commercial secretary to the UK treasury – shares his thoughts in favour of globalization in a deglobalizing world. Read more.

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Public Policy

NITI Aayog’s New Action Plan For Growth

After deciding to do away with the Nehruvian era five-year plans, the government’s policy think tank NITI Aayog has almost completed the preparation of a three-year action plan. The focus of the plan is on employment generation through agriculture and manufacturing-led economic growth.

Government’s Push For Aadhaar Pay

The government is pushing to popularise Aadhaar Pay in a bid to expand digital payments among the poor and illiterate in rural areas of the country, which ensures financial transactions by just using fingerprint. Aadhaar Pay, which is merchant version of the already in use Aadhaar-enabled payment system, will become an alternative for all online and card transactions, which require password and PIN.

TPP To Be Withdrawn
President Donald Trump will sign an executive order on Monday to withdraw the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, according to an official familiar with the plans. Trump’s trade-focused executive order, part of a series of actions planned for Monday, fulfil a campaign promise to rewrite America’s trade policy during his first days as president.

Congress manifesto pledges ban on all casinos in Goa  

The Congress party on Monday released it’s manifesto for the upcoming Goa assembly polls in which it has assured banning all the casinos in the coastal state including the floating vessels mounted with gambling dens. Responding to a question, Goa Congress chief Luizinho Faleiro ruled out that such an action would affect employment prospects in the state. “I don’t think that there are much Goans working at these casinos,” he said.

The many lessons from Swachh Bharat

This article assesses the progress made with the Swacch Bharat drive. Read More.

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Data Analytics

The Canadian Olympic Committee announced an eight-year partnership with SAS Canada, marking the COC’s first analytics partnership. This agreement also makes the COC the first national Olympic committee to form a long-term partnership with an analytics company, using data to give athletes and coaches an extra advantage in maximizing their performance outcomes.

The data generated will help coaches find the right resources to get the best results, identify the most promising athletes and pinpoint the key factors that will improve training programs. More here.

Walmart – the world’s biggest retailer with over 20,000 stores in 28 countries, is in the process of building the world’ biggest private cloud, to process 2.5 petabytes of data every hour.

To make sense of all of this information, and put it to work solving problems, the company has created what it calls its Data Café – a state-of-the-art analytics hub located within its Bentonville, Arkansas headquarters where over 200 streams of internal and external data, including 40 petabytes of recent transactional data, can be modelled, manipulated and visualized. Teams from any part of the business are invited to bring their problems to the analytics experts and then see a solution appear before their eyes on the nerve centre’s touch screen “smart boards”.

This tool has cut down the amount of time it takes to solve complex business questions, which are reliant on multiple external and internal variables, from weeks to minutes. Explore this story.

There have been numerous examples over the last two decades of how Natural Language Processing, or NLP, is being used by companies to provide an intelligent voice to gadgets and searches. Think, for instance, how the world of search engines—from Yahoo, Microsoft and Google—have changed the Internet with text-based search algorithms driving and augmenting the World Wide Web. NLP, though, does much more than just that and text analytics. NLP exploration on our current digital planet includes voice searches on automobiles and then, of course, the dictation mechanics of the software world.

A LiveMint oped details the relationship and applications between NLP and social networks and machine learning. Check it out.

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