We know you lead a busy life, and we understand that not all the things you read on the internet are of inherent use to you, so we thought we’ll compile an article with five things that will be useful to you for the rest of your life. The best part – you’ll need to spend at most of five minutes to read this article. So without further ado, here we go –

1 – If you want to be more likeable – avoid gossip.

That’s right. Gossip sounds like such an innocuous thing, but remember – it always involves talking about a person when they’re not around. It turns out – some people don’t enjoy that. So if you want to be in everyone’s good books, make sure you avoid gossip and be apolitical.

2 – Motivate yourself with reality not fantasy

Did you know that research says that those who fantasize about a great life don’t prepare for setbacks, and may lack the mettle to overcome these obstacles? When motivating yourself, think less about the ideal scene and more about the real scenario.

3 – Become more creative by skipping brainstorming sessions 

There is ample evidence to prove that the opinions and ideas of extroverts and more confident people dominate during brainstorming sessions while introverts can have as good or even better ideas. So why don’t you skip the brainstorm session for an isolated session with yourself? The odds of you bashing out an idea are more this way.

4 – Greenery inspires action and creativity 

No matter what contrarian opinion you believe in, we humans are ultimately animals (albeit complex ones at that), and there is enough evidence to prove that we thrive amidst greenery. So if you want to improve your learning, thinking or creative capabilities, take some time out to spend time outside. In fact, you can move the activities that you do at home – like reading, writing or studying to, say, a park. And observe how you feel a marked increase in your productivity.

5 – Write your own eulogy

An eulogy is a speech with high praise for a recently deceased person. However writing an eulogy for yourself when you are fully alive will help you understand better what it is that you wish to be remembered for. In other words, you’ll have more clarity on your long term goals. So go ahead and write a quick eulogy today.

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