Apple needs a shot in the arm in light of it’s declining revenue and slow iPhone sales growth- and India could just be that shot Apple needs. We list four things Apple could do to take over the Indian market.

Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook has a scheduled stop in India next week where he is expected to meet PM Modi. Clearly, Apple is getting serious about India. Here are some of the things Apple can do in the next few months to win the Indian market.

1. Change the pricing strategy
Apple is trying to skim the market by banking on its premium brand. However, the truth is iPhones in India are priced at a price point which is the one of the highest globally. Case in point- the recently launched iPhone SE is priced at $399 (Rs 26,000) in US and other similar markets. However, in India the phone costs Rs 37,000- a premium of Rs11,000! If Apple is truly serious about India market, it needs to do away with the skimming strategy and get into the mass market game.

2. Carrier Contracts
Carrier charges in India are some of the lowest in the globe. With the recent push by mobile carriers to 4G internet, the Airtels and Vodafones want consumers to carry devices that can enable the full potential of 4G internet. Enter the iPhone- a two year contract, with bundled in data, calls, messages and an option to upgrade after two years is exactly what carriers and consumer want. A sweet price point- say something like Rs 1500 a month, with decent amount of data bundled in will be win for everyone.

3. Localized Content
Google has gone all in when it comes to localising content for India. Apple still has a long way to go here. Siri still has some trouble recognizing Indian accent, vernacular languages are not yet system wide, Apple Maps in India is a joke. The moment when Apple creates a phone my grand-dad would be comfortable using, is the moment Apple will be ready to go mainstream.

4. Refurbished iPhones
The Indian government recently refused to allow Apple to sell refurbished iPhones from other markets in India. However, if Apple can find a way around it, and assure prospective buyers by giving a guarantee on refurbished iPhones, Apple will be well on its way to put a dent on the Android market share in India.