We dunno if you managed to catch this absurd article about this 40-year-old man who was interrogated before a flight take off in the US recently. But it’s a story worth listening to.

The curly-haired man, presumably one to prefer keeping to himself, was intently scribbling something into his notepad when his co-passenger decided there was something odd about him. She did some small talk with him, but he was curt with his answers, preferring to scribble some cryptic stuff on his notepad to having a conversation. So she ended up informing airline authority about him. Soon enough, the flight was turned back to base, and the man was interrogated thoroughly. Turns out, the cryptic stuff was actually math and the guy was an academic.

In classic The Economist fashion, the magazine recently wrote a blog about how not to repeat such a mistake. They made a handy list of 10 tips for everyone to use to recognise if their co-passenger is an economist. We read the list and we found it to be 100% legit.

Right from proclaiming that ‘we’re all dead in the long run’ to rationally dismissing you as an idiot because you’re sitting in the middle seat, this post will leave you in splits. Check it out here.