What Is Economic History And How Is It Done?

economic history

MDAE’s speaker series aim to explain Economic History.

As a part of the ongoing, “Speaker Series”, Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics is organizing a talk on Economic History conducted by Prof. Tirthankar Roy, from London School of Economics.

The talk will introduce Economic History as a subject of study, and discuss some of the different ways field experts do economic history. The ’00-’10 decade and the economic upheaval that we witnessed saw a revival in debates and discussions on finding explanation for the origins of modern economic growth and of international economic inequality.

Prof. Roy will delve deeper into this question, while talking about a few influential books written on the subject in the last decade and comment on his experience trying to fit India into the current worldwide agenda.

Schedule for the talk is as follows: 
“What do Economic Historians Do?”
Prof. Tirthankar Roy, Professor of Economic Historya at London School of Economics
Thursday 14th April, 4:00 – 6:00PM
Meghnad Desai Academy, 12th Floor, Centre – 1, World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai – 400005

A small profile of Prof. Roy: 

Prof. Tirthankar Roy is a Professor in the Economic History Department of the London School of Economics. He works on economic history, business history, history of development policy and the classical music of India. He teaches South Asia and Global History at the LSE, and is the author of India in the World Economy from Antiquity to the Present, besides other books and articles.

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