Horti is a small village in Karnataka and they’ve done something unprecedented. They’ve taken to an unlikely source to fund the construction of a canal – a crowdfunding website called FuelADream.

After a local non-profit group made suggestions regarding the requirements & logistics for the site, a proposal was written up to explain to prospective funders about the benefits of the canal. Soon, they had raised 3 Lakh from as many as a hundred sources. The villagers donated an equal amount of their own money and constructed a storage duct.

The efforts were validated by the rich monsoon this year, which filled 8-kilometer long canal. Farmers in the village grow soybeans, sugarcane and cereal grains.

“Who would imagine that strangers would donate money to help build a canal in a place they had never even seen?” asked Manohar Kulkarni, a resident of the village, told Bloomberg.

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