Mansukhbhai Prajapati isn’t the kind of person you’ll come across in entrepreneurship conferences and venture funding stories, but he’s a man who, in his own unassuming manner, has gone on to build a revolutionary product that’s changing the face of developing India.

His innovation, the Miticool, is a refrigerator that runs without electricity. It’s a classic example of green innovation, one that our country requires and deserves. Each unit is built to be retailed at a nominal price, so it is affordable for it’s target market – which is primarily arid areas of rural India like Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Mr. Prajapati can across the the Miticool idea after watching on TV images of broken matkas in the Gujarat Earthquake of 2001. He observed that journalists referred to the matkas as the ‘poor man’s fridge’. This got Prajapati thinking, and made him experiment for four years using the same cooling principle to build a real fridge.

After experimenting with several combinations, he hit home with an unusual combination of sawdust and sand, which makes the soil porous and the interiors cold. The result – a successful unit that is capable of keeping your water cold and your vegetables fresh for a span of 1 week!