If you read today’s newspaper, you’ll notice that the Justice Lodha Committee, which had sent a wide range of recommendations to the Supreme Court on better administration of Indian cricket at the state level and central level.

The following recommendations by the committee has been green-lit by the apex court, and it has instructed the BCCI to make changes within the next six months to implement them:

  1. Each state will have only one vote in the BCCI elections
  2. BCCI Officials cannot hold ministry, civil services or other posts in other sporting bodies
  3. No BCCI or state officials must be over 70 years old
  4. No official can hold a position in the BCCI and the state association simultaneously
  5. Terms to be reduced to a duration of 3 years each; No official can hold more than 3 such terms; A refresher period mandatory after two consecutive terms

While these recommendations will not affect the day-to-day functioning of the BCCI, it will see several changes at the top, as two of the three camps that run the body – Mr. Sharad Pawar and Mr. Niranjan Shah are over 70 years old. Anurag Thakur, the serving president, is expected to oversee the rejig process.

Coming to the economics of the sport, the SC rejected the Lodha Committee’s recommendation of limiting TV commercials between overs. Clearly, the court understands that cricket revenues are built on advertising revenues and saw no reason to make any changes to that.

Another major revenue spinner would have been the legalisation of betting in India, which the Committee recommended, the court rejected this too stating that this was a matter concerning the Indian legislature.

Curious Economist View: This is a landmark judgement by the apex court of our country. Several watchers following the case expected a soft-judgement, one that would appease the men on top at the BCCI, but this decision is anything but clear, concise and beneficial for the future of cricket.

With greater transparency in the way the game is run, it will lead to a positive sentiment among Cos investing in the game, and will lead to faster growth and development. Well done to our Supreme Court!