sleep habits

A grad school student did something really fun with data and mapped his sleep habits in his final year and half of grad school for everyone to see.

The graph below shows him averaging around 8 hours of sleep, although his logs seem awry enough considering he’s still in college.

He uses some graph points to tell interesting college stories. For instance, the 14-hour snooze-fest in September of 2014, he attributes to summer school in Barcelona. And the little blip in November 2014 where he slept 1 hour, he attributes to a night of drinking and interviews early next morning.

The data is definitely very interesting, but the question on most commenters’ minds on this Reddit ranges from how he managed 8 hours of sleep in grad school to mocking his ‘very difficult lifestyle’.

But the best takeaway from this story is that data is beautiful and you can map what you want with it. So, what would you like to map? Start documenting and start mapping. All the best.

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