Most founders agonize over what to call their dream. They fuss over the letters, the domain and then complicate things buy thinking about names that will help them rank higher in Google.

We’ll try to break down the entire naming game into three short questions.

How big a role will the start-up name play in getting funded?
Investors usually invest a lot in gut-generally many investors will make up their minds in 2.5 minutes whether they’ll write a check or not. In 2.5 minutes, you can basically just in the company name, a small introduction about your team and a one line pitch of your business. So you have a really bad name, chances are you will not get funded.

What is a good memorable name?
Y Combinator tries to keep startup names down to 2 syllables: Think of names like Ebay, Yahoo, Google, Reddit, and so on. They really try to have short memorable names, even if you have to turn that name into something else and build a brand around it.
But then, there’s always a company like Can I Stay With You While I Rent My Place on Airbnb lurking in the corners, breaking all rules and getting tons of press while doing so.

Are there any current naming trends?
It’s tough to pin-point a single trend- but names are definitely getting shorter. Think Ola, Uber, Vice etc.