Turns out how late in the night you sleep in college depends on how high up is your college ranked (Or atleast that’s what this study on sleeping pattern of college students conducted by Jawbone wants us to believe).

First up, worries that college students do not get enough sleep are unwarranted for. Typically students across various colleges get close to 7 hours of sleep every night. But students at top ranked schools show an interesting pattern: they tend to sleep late, often after 1AM compared to counterparts studying in various other colleges.

The data shows a strong co-relation between student bedtimes and the college’s ranking. Columbia students (ranked #4) went to bed latest at 1:26 AM followed by those at University of Pennsylvania (#9), Stanford (#4) and Duke (#8). The earliest bedtimes were for those at the University of Nevada (#187) at 11:54 PM.

What this data implies is that it’s the bed time and not the total number of hours slept that indicate the academic rigor of a particular college.

One possible cause could be that these higher ranking schools are demanding and harder to get in to than others, so perhaps students get used to working on till late night to get into the college and continue with the habit once they are in.

While this study was conducted in the US, do you think it will hold true in India?
Will a student from IIT sleep later than a student from a lesser ranked college? Comment and tell us!