Things Economics Students Are Tired Of Hearing


The Curious Economist is all about Economics. But it’s also about the lives of young economists like us. And we, as students, tend to hear a few cliches every time we mention the field of study we are in. With some help from a few friends at Meghnad Desai Academy, we compiled a list of things economics students are tired of hearing.

1. You only study about money.

2. So tell me, when will the Indian economy start recovering?

3. Economics ka to bohot scope badh gaya hai aaj kal (The scope of economics has increased immensely these days).

4. Sab B.Com./ CA kar rahe the isle tuney economics liya kya? (You chose economics because everyone was pursuing b.Com/CA?

5. Econ student? Bade log! (Econ student? Big people!)

6. Mast package milega campus placement mein. (You’ll grab a great package in campus placements.)

Theory does not work in practical life. What is the point of studying economics?

7. Economics padh ke kya karte hain? Job kahaan lagti hai. (What does one do after studying economics? Where does one work?)

8. Oh, Manmohan Singh banoge! (Oh, you’ll become like Monmohan Singh)

Source: Indiatimes


9. You must be good at your personal finance.

10. Economics? School mein padha tha. It was so boring, barely managed to pass after mugging up! (Had studied in school)

11. It is such a boring subject, how do you manage to stay awake during the lectures?

12. 2008 crisis kyun hua? (Why did the 2008 crisis happen?)

13. Oh, you want to become Raghuram Rajan. Par who toh IIM ka hai na? Usne engineering ki hai, tumne nahin ki? (But he is from IIM, right? He has done engineering, you didn’t do?)

14. Oh economics! Yes, wahi na, demand-supply curve? Padha tha kabhi school mein. (On economics, the subject with the demand and supply curve. I have studied that sometime in school).

15. What are your future plans? Do you guys plan to go into research or something? Get a PhD or MPhil?

16. Economics students are nerds, book worms and lack creativity

Thanks to these students for their insightful and (oftentimes) hilarious contributions:

Shivam Bose, YIF Batch 2015, Ashoka

Harshita Bansal, IP college Delhi

Keshav Lohi, NM College, Mumbai

Garima Sinha, NMIMS, Mumbai