Here’s What Happens When You Just Start Studying Economics

We’ve all gone through the motions. We all started off as clueless students in a classroom, slowly getting our minds blown by all the new stuff we were taught. This post is dedicated to those initial few days of studying economics, when everything ‘starts making sense.’
Here is what happens when you just start studying economics.

You don’t feel like bunking class because you start looking at it as ‘Opportunity cost’ 

You try to understand everyone’s motives through the ideology that they subscribe to. 

You see the invisible hand everywhere. 

You’re torn between wanting to read everything about economics and being afraid that you’ll never finish

You feel bad for being a spendthrift but you realise that you’re contributing to the economy 

‘Socialist’, ‘Capitalist’, ‘Communist’ aren’t just cool words anymore 

Those dreaded equations from high school math make a comeback! 

You can’t look at the world like you used to anymore. 

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